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What This Site Is About

Hi, my name is Guy, owner of Your Affiliate Success.

You probably already know – if you have visited the homepage and the “Start Here” page from the top menu – that, this site is about making money online as a christian, and especially through a business model called affiliate marketing.

But this site also answer questions like:

  • – How to start an internet ministry
  • – How to start a christian blog
  • – How to get visitors to that blog
  • – Or how to build an audience for your online ministry
  • – Where to find Christian online business opportunities
  • – what christian business ethics principles should we follow
  • – And more…

So there are questions for those who are more focused on doing a ministry blog online without having the money side in mind, as well as questions for Christians that are more business oriented.

In both cases the way and process to get visitors and buid an audience is the same.

5 thoughts on “What This Site Is About

  1. Nice looking site Guy. I look forward to reading your site as you grow it out, and share with your knowledge you’ve gained over the years.

    Would you say affiliate marketing is your favorite method of making money online, or do you have other preferences besides this?

    Also how would you compare WA to other programs you’ve joined in the past? Is it about the same, or much better?

    1. Thanks Michael. I would say that affiliate marketing is my favorite method to earn money online. I have tried dropshipping prior to that, and made a few sales with it, but having to deal directly with the customers was not really for me back then that’s why I turned to affiliate marketing.

      As for WA, compared to other platforms I’ve been to, I would say that there is nothing to compare. You really feel like inside a big community compare to feeling a little bit lonelier on other platforms. And the support is also much better and faster.

      Just the fact that you can get in touch with the owner, and that they are also very active in the community, is more than what I have seen elsewhere. You can also get in touch with people who are doing this full time and get advice from them.

      So yes, it is better than anything else I have seen before.

  2. Hi Guy; I have read through your post and it has well informed about your intention to help others to survive.

    Coming on since 2015 must have gained for you a multitude of experience that you can use a channel of assistance to help people who are struggling, like even me.

    Did you said that you have started your affiliate marketing with Affiloblueprint?


    1. Yes Dorcas. I started out with Affiloblueprint. It was my first affiliate training platform. It still hold a dear place in my heart because of that.

  3. Hey Guy , I must admit I came across your article at just the right time. I have been at IM four about a year now and it has been a struggle.

    I even find myself occasionally thinking about moving on to something new. I do not think I would ever actually quit, but the thought has creeped in a few times.

    After reading your article I think it has helped, i just need to be patient!

    Thank You

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