Although affiliate marketing is one of the most recommended business model to make money online – it’s only a minority of those going down that road that are successful with it.

Some say that the failure rate of all those who are trying affiliate marketing is at 95% . So why trying to go that way at all?

Why are there so many people failing compare to those who don’t? What are they doing differently?

Some of the most common reasons why people are failing are:

  1. A lack of patience into building something valid and solid
  2. A lack of persistence
  3. Running into distraction and being indecisive in the direction they should take
  4. Not having the appropriate training and blueprint
  5. Not choosing the right products to promote (not really knowing them)
  6. Trying too many niches and never really deciding on one
  7. Getting discouraged because of the competition that seem to be better
  8. Hoping to sell rather than helping
  9. Not really good at writing content that will reach a targeted audience and turn them into buying customers
  10. A lack of marketing skills
  11. Not knowing what a niche really is, what is the demand in that niche, and how to fill it
  12. Not having a field of expertise or interest in that niche
  13. A lack of faith in what they’re doing and there chances to succeed

So, if those 13 skills and elements seem to be some of the most common reasons why 95% of people are failing with affiliate marketing, the contrary is true. Those who are working at improving those areas are the 5% that succeed eventually.

Almost everyone who are succeeding with affiliate marketing will tell you that, in order to succeed, you need to:

  • Find a niche that you like and have a certain level of interest and expertise in
  • Know what the demand of that niche is, what are the issues, questions
  • Work at finding the answers and becoming a reliable source of information on the subject online
  • Learn about the products you can recommend as a solutions versus those you don’t
  • Have faith in what you do and your chances to succeed
  • Be patient and persist even when everything seems to lead no where
  • Stick to that niche you choose no matter what
  • Don’t let anything distract you or make you doubt
  • Get better at writing and communicating with your audience
  • Focus on helping rather than just making money at their expense
  • Have a proven blueprint – following in the path of those who are already successful


2 Main Ways That People Are Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

There are two mains ways by which people are making money with affiliate marketing.

The first one is through a blog or a website on which they have things like links, product reviews and banners that are linked to different products you can buy.

The other main by collecting people’s email addresses through paid ads, a link under a YouTube video, as well as opt in forms they can have on their blog as well.

In both cases is by either:

  • reviewing a product or service for someone who already knows about it and want to learn more before buying it
  • recommending a product or service as a solution for a problem someone has
  • or recommending a product or service that can teach a skill someone want to learn