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Hoping to make money online, and wanting to do it as a Christian, can be a little confusing at first.

And I think the main reason is that you find yourself confronted with the question of money. And money in the Christian world, doesn’t have a good reputation.

Just think about Jesus and the money changers inside the temple and you don’t get a pretty picture of it.

But on the other hand, doing business is not incompatible with the Bible if you follow its standards and principles.


A Few Examples

I just think about men like Jacob or his son Joseph, who were both devoted men of God, but yet, also good business men.

They were like the good steward that Jesus was talking about – especially Joseph. He was put in charge of managing the business for Pharaoh. And that’s the principle of the good steward – managing money as it is God’s not ours.

As for Jacob his father, his purpose was to have enough to be able to take care of his family.

If you know his story you will see that, he worked many years almost as a slave without a salary. And God inspired him in a dream to do what was necessary to get what he was hoping for because he knew how unfair his situation was.

Another great man of God was Solomon. His purpose was not to get rich. His prayer was to have the wisdom to be able to be a good king for God’s people. And we know that God granted him his request and more…



Doing business online with the attitude and principles those men had is not contrary to what the Bible teach. On the contrary.

A business that his devoted to serve and not just to take. A business that care about its customers, that is there to help, and not just for its own interest and benefit. That’s in my opinion, the right way to do business under God supervision.

And it’s the goal of Your Affiliate Success to look at, not only how to make money online as a Christian, but also how to do it in a biblical ethical way through affiliate marketing.

So where do you start?

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