Welcome to Your Affiliate Success

There’s a lot of programs and courses out there promising you that you can make money online with them. Some even say that it can be totally automated income and can even give results somewhere between now and the next 30 days. Many to this will say that it’s total BS.

There is an internet marketing forum online called the Warrior Forum, and sometime I wonder if this whole internet marketing thing is not really a war.

You see websites on one end posting reviews about different programs telling everyone that they are scams (sometime without even trying them to see for sure) while at the same time promoting their own program.

And on the other end you see people doing a great presentation but scrapping it at the end by saying that this is only for a short period of time so you feel the urgency of signing up now for them!

I must admit that I got pretty much fade up with all of this.

I tried to do review sites, but I eventually stopped doing it because I felt that I wasn’t totally honest in doing so, and not really helpful to those who would read them. I tried dropshipping also, but I soon felt overwhelmed with the fact that I had to deal with customers directly and that I didn’t always have control over the items being shipped to them.

Recently, I fell on a guy named James Scholes with a program called Evergreen Wealth Formula and I decided to really look at it. Not just reviewing it, but really get inside that program and see if it can help me makes money the way it says it would.