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I’ve read a post on the Warrior Forum one day that pretty much described the position I was in.

The guy was saying that, he’s been trying affiliate marketing for years without any results. And he was ready to quit.

That’s the position I was also in when reading his words.

I had actually a little more than him in the sense that, I’ve made a few bucks with this in the beginning.


I’ve Made Around $400 in 2011 – And Around $2,000 in 2013!

But then, nothing!

That was the best I could do despite all the training I went through over the years.

Training that was primarily showing me how to rank in Google. Because that is how I made money then.

I’ve made that $4oo in 2011 after following the AffiloBlueprint 2.0 training.

Then in 2013, I’ve made that $2,000 by following the training of the guys of OMG Machine.

But it was short live in my case. And I didn’t know how to get back up.


In 2015, I Tried Google Sniper And… Wealthy Affiliate

I created two websites with it that actually ranked in Google first page. But I couldn’t make any money with them.

Then I discovered Wealthy Affiliate by accident.

Your Affiliate Success

Although I can see many members there who are now doing affiliate marketing full time after about 12-18 months of effort, I couldn’t make nothing out of it.

Here, I’m not saying that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t good, it’s just that I couldn’t make it work for me after 3 years of effort.

I guess I cannot write the kind of articles reviews they are writing and rank them in Google.

I don’t have the patience and motivation they have to do it week after week after week until it finally starts to bear fruits.

I’ve tried it, but ran out of fuel after three months with each site that I started.

Because that’s why I did. I’ve tried to build one website after another, convinced that this one will be the good one. But soon enough, I lost faith in them. I couldn’t find the drive and inspiration to go on with it anymore.

When you don’t believe in something it’s pretty hard to do something out of it. That’s what happened with all the sites I’ve built. I’ve lost faith in them.

How can you convince anyone of anything if you are not convinced yourself!


That’s When I Decided to Turn to Other Kinds of Training…

I turned to John Crestani Super Affiliate training at first.

Although it did sound interesting, I found the cost too high for me.

I turned instead to another program I have seen before, CB Passive Income.

Despite all the negative reviews I’ve read about about it, I decided to go along with what Patric Chan is saying about his system.

Eck! If it can make me Clickbank commissions after following it, who cares about all those reviews are saying.

It would still be better than what I did since 2013.

Here’s what Anik Singal a very successful and popular internet marketer have to say about Patric…

The truth is, right now, nothing is really working for me. So if this thing work then, it will give me some room to concentrate on something like building a blog around a topic I really like.