10 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Doing It Full Time!

For those of you who wonder if we can earn a lot of many with affiliate marketing, here’s a post that will convinced you.

I actually know several people who are successful with affiliate marketing, and most of them are on a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the reason why I entitled this post “10 Wealthy Affiliate success stories” because I’m talking to you about 10 of them.

To me they are proof that you can be successful with affiliate marketing, to the point that you can quit your job eventually. Because that’s what most of them did.

Here they are…


1. Eric – A Firefighter from Texas Making Over $4,000 A Month After Only A Year

This guy result is pretty amazing, that’s why I decided to put him first.

His name is Eric, and he is a firefighter from South Texas. He joined WA in January 2017. And in January 2018, he was already making it to the annual Wealthy Affiliate conference in Las Vegas, with a revenue of over $4,000 a month.

So that’s pretty impressive. Most people reach that level after about 18 months. He did in 12. So he’s proof that, anything is possible. And he simply made it through a website he built following WA’s training.

You can see him here, in the picture below, between Kyle and Carson (the two Wealthy Affiliate co-founders) in Vegas.


Wealthy Affiliate success stories


2. Dylan – A Guy Who Could Build A 6 Figure Website

Dylan is guy who struggles at first, before he finally figured out a way to start making it online.

Dylan joined WA in August 2015. He struggled at first. He didn’t make a dime in his first year. But then things started rolling for him.

What he suggests now, to those who are struggling like he did in the beginning, it’s to follow the training in WA. Write a lot of review posts and “best of” posts. That’s the strategy that he has adopted – and he is really successful at it.

For those inside of WA, who want to dig more on how he is doing it in more details, they can read a training he created about it, which can be found in his profile: How To Create a 6 Figure Website

In it, he’s giving the exact strategy that he is using to earn himself an average of $1,200 a week (around $5,000 a month).




3. Eddy – Making $9,465 Even in His Lowest Month

Eddy is another successful WA members. He joined WA in 2007 and he is doing it full time as a living.

In this post below, he is mentioning how February 2018 was not really a good month for him because the traffic flow was not as good as the other months. But still, his website earned him $9,465 that month.

So you can imagine that the other months are higher than that.

Eddy is sharing how he could do it through another post that he called his cheat sheet, where he gives you in details the process on:

  • How he found a goal and pick a niche for his business
  • How he created his website
  • The way he writes his content
  • How he gets visitors to his site
  • And how he finally makes money through it




4. Grace – Getting Over  78K Visitors After 18 Months

There are not only men who are successful in this business, women like Grace are getting there too.


Grace joined WA in September 2016. She doesn’t talk much about the kind of money she’s making. But with the traffic she’s getting and the referrals she has, she is making some, that’s for sure.

In one of her posts in WA she mentioned how her website, after 18 month of efforts, is getting over  78K visitors.

Here’s a WA referrals:



5. Nathaniell – Quit His Job After 18 Months into It

Nathaniell started internet marketing while he was living in China. He made his first sale after following Wealthy Affiliate training, which he joined in June 2010.

He quit his job in China after 18 months and moved back to United States to work from home.

Nathaniel is a good example of a guy who never gave up, even if it took him a little while before seeing a consistent coming income from his online efforts.

Now, he is doing it from home, not having to go to work on a regular job for anyone else anymore.

You may probably have seen one of his site online, onemorecupof-coffee.com.


Nathaniell is pretty active inside Wealthy Affiliate. He can often be seen in chat where he’s helping anyone who needs help.

That’s one of the cool thing in WA, you can receive tips and advice from gals and guys like him who are finally making it.


6. Dom – Building A 7 Figures Income

Dom joined WA in August 2012 to look for a way to make money online. But he had great doubts in the beginning that he could personally make it.

But despite all that, he never gave up. And in only 5 years, he has built himself a 7 figures income business (around $1,067,286 a year).

His main business is building websites and selling them from his website. So, anyone who wants to buy an already made website, can go see him. He even do them on demand.

So he’s using the knowledge he gained through WA’s training to build websites and then sell them to people who prefer to buy an already made website instead of building it themselves from scratch.

He tried selling them from Alexa, but he ended up having more success selling them from his own website.



7. Veronica – Doing It Full Time Since 2012

To balance things up a little, since there are more guys than gals here, I’m putting one more woman on the list: Veronica. 

She’s been with WA since November 2007. It’s hard to say when exactly she started to do it full time, but going through all of her posts inside WA, I could see that, in 2012. she was doing it full time.

I never really chat with her like I did a couple of times with Nathaniell, but I know she is still an active WA member. Her rank factor in orange of 219, is a good indicator of that. The lower number means, the more active you are within Wealthy Affiliate.

I know by experience that, to maintain a number of about 200, you need to regularly participate within WA community. Otherwise that number will increase fast.



8. Tim – Making It After Three Years

Tim is a good example of a guy who is making it after only 3 years within WA. He is doing it full time. He joined in October 2015, and in January 2018, he made it to the yearly WA affiliate conference in Vegas.

You may have seen his website many times on Google first page results, affiliateunguru.com.

One tip Tim is giving to those who are just starting, is to stop focusing on making money, and start focusing on creating value for others through your website instead.

That’s one of the advice that successful internet marketers like Eben Pagan is also preaching.

The money will come. But only in exchange of value.



9. Vitaliy – Full Time Online Marketer

Vitaliy is also another full time internet marketer. But he’s been with WA for a much longer time. He joined back in September 2007.

He made WA Vegas for the fourth time in January 2018. Vitaliy is not a guy who talk much about how much he is making. And I couldn’t see exactly when he finally was making it full time.

I can probably ask him without specifying the amount he was making, because I know he is particularly private about that. And it’s his right. But the important thing is that, he know does.

And all these WA members I have shown you so far, are great examples for me that, this thing work if you make it work. It works if you put the effort and stick to the training.



10. Leo – Took Him 18 Months To Do It Full Time

Finally, Leo…

I wrote a post in WA in March 2018 entitled “How Many Of You Are Finally Making It Full Time?” And one WA member, Leo (username leoemery), had responded to it, saying that he’s been making it full time since 2005. It took him 18 months to get there.

18 months seem to be a number where a lot of online marketers finally could start doing it full time. Almost a year and a half after starting a new website.


When I told Leo, “I guess you already knew what niche you were going into and keep working on it…” He gave me for answer, “That and I also had a great mentor.

I personally don’t have a mentor. But I’m using Kyle as one in WA, following his Bootcamp training and doing all the tasks he recommend to do to the best of my ability.

It’s like the guy from P90X., Tony Horton says inside his training videos, “Do your best and forget the rest!”


What About Your Story?

Are you on your way to make it too? Or would you wish to be? What is preventing you to be?

Wealthy Affiliate is probably not for everyone. But it’s certainly is for people like we just saw who had a goal of making a revenue online that would be enough to quit their job.

That’s the goal I personally have and I’m steadily getting there. What about you? Is that one of your goal too? All these stories are proof that it can be accomplished by normal regular people if they put their heart into it and have the right training!

For some it took 12 months, for others it took 18, and still for another group it was longer. But they all got there eventually because they didn’t give up.


To learn more about how they’re doing it – head over to How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate in 2018.




  1. Hi Guy,
    Wow, this post is so motivating! Thank you for sharing all these great success stories.
    I usually don’t need extra motivation, I know what I have to do and I am so happy to walk on this path, even though I am not earning what these guys (and girls) are.
    But man! This post is pushing me to do even more.
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Julien. I’m glad you like it. I also think that looking at others who are succeeding like this with affiliate marketing is really encouraging and tell you that, if they could do it, I can too!

      That’s why I decided to write that post. And it’s also not something that you see often. I mean, you can see testimonials on programs sales page showing people who are succeeding with their programs, but once you are inside, try to find them. 

      They are often gone from the member’s area of those programs so there is no chances you could talk to them. In WA, on the contrary, you can almost chat with one of them every day. That’s the big difference.

  2. Great to hear there are many people creating great success on Wealthy Affiliate.
    You have given me a kick of motivation to keep focused and one day maybe have the same success as these persons I know this works.

    I know I feel it I’m sure it will work for Me too.
    Great article You have made here.

    I really needed this to keep going I know with hard work it will happen.

    • That’s the kind of things ghat give me motivation too, looking at how people have finally achieved the goal that they are pursuing, that they were ordinary people like me, it shows me that it can also work for me if I put my mind, my heart and my energy into it too. 

  3. Hey i really enjoyed this article, i liked reading about all the success stories and that is actually giving me more motivation to keep going so I can succeed with my website. I have decided that my second website probably isn’t a good niche so I may have to make another website for that. I have not made any sales or referrals yet but I’m starting to get ranked! Keep up the good work

    • Good for you Justin. Congratulation. Getting ranked is the beginning of the process at being seen and getting visitors – and eventually sales! That’s how they did it. that’s how I have done it myself, and that is how you can do it too!

  4. Hi Guy,
    I am Glad to hear the Success Stories of Wealthy Affiliate. This is a great motivation for all interested in doing affiliate marketing.

    This post also remind me of how I have join Wealthy Affiliate. I join Wealthy Affiliate after I read a post from Eddy with a y. His review have change my prospect of how to help people to avoid scam in internet marketing.

    I know this post will definitely helps a lot of people.

    Thanks Guy !

    • Hi Henry. Is that the Eddy of the article? I came to WA also by reading reviews of tow WA members and subscribed through one of them. I didn’t share his story here, but his website is ranking first page for many keywords. So his name could definitely be here as well. His name is Jack from BareNakedScam.com

  5. Those ones are pretty good. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best methods to earn online. I think that you could write a lot more success stories, but you will probably need eternity to write all of them haha 🙂 People need to read this and not some scam stories that simply washes their brain and only want their money…

    • It’s true Daniel, I an still think about other successful WA member who are doing it full time now and that I didn’t mention here. And these are true stories from real WA members who are still active today in the WA community.

  6. wow, what a great post. This is an amazing list of people who actually did what most of us are aiming to do, reading their stories motivates and inspires me. One day someone will make another list and i will be on it. Thanks for sharing, it was pleasure to read.

    • Hi Rich. It’s definitely possible Rich. If they could do it, you can too. And your story can be added to the list. The list of 10 can increase to 12, 15, 20,and more…

  7. I’m so glad that you have shared this post. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate now for 7 months and what I have learned is that applying what you learn and being consistent is what will bring in the success.

    It’s all great to hear about these guys succeeding and it provides great motivation, but the lesson that we need to take away from it all, is that it takes WORK and PATIENCE.

    Maybe that kind of success is not happening for many people right now, but what we need to realize is that these people have not become successful just by fooling around and expecting big sums of cash; they worked for it.

    So let’s roll up our sleeves and start working too.. 🙂

  8. Thanks for this very motivational post. Being a member of wa myself, I have heard of many of the success stories you mentioned — but there were a few that were new to me.

    I think the main key to succeeding is basically follow what teaches (how to build a website, write content, and connect with your readers) — and also NEVER giving up.

    If you do those two things I believe anyone and everyone can build a profitable online business.

  9. WOW…Very happy you shared this post, being a Wealthy Affiliate member for only four months these success stories are a real inspiration.

    Your post has given me a new outlook about WA…and reminded me just why I joined WA. in the first place.

    In my first four months, I have learned a lot and have moved forward building my website but your post has shown me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m Motivated, see you Vegas.

    Thanks for sharing I’m sure this post will help a lot of people.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing ’10 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories’ a post I find very informative and an eye-opener.
    Also, for taking your time to gather all this really useful information. I feel encouraged to pursue my projects knowing from your findings that hard work pays off in the end.
    Examples of 10 people you have given here are enough to convince your readers that affiliate marketing works.
    I am also impressed by Eric’s progress including the rest of WA members you mentioned.

  11. Thanks for sharing these success stories! Not only are these true (because I personally communicate with some of them within the WA platform) but they are great people too.

    The only common thing that I can see here between all of these successful people, is that they kept going at it and never gave up! They worked hard and gave their businesses time to grow.

    With WA, this is what’s possible when you follow the training! Awesome!

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