How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate in 2018

How to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? And when? These are questions that probably every new members have been asking themselves when they first joined WA – me included.

Many arrived with no prior experiences, while others like me, who have been through other affiliate platforms, came in with certain expectations.

I was first pretty impressed with the community there, and the kind of support you have. It almost felt like being on Facebook. But still, I found something very different about WA compared to everything I had seen so far, that got me a little skeptical at first.

They were not teaching SEO the same way that I was accustomed to see it being taught everywhere else. But yet, I could see many WA members ranking high in Google regardless of my apprehension.

And that’s how basically, I had always made my affiliate commissions prior to that. It was by having a review post ranking high on Google and people clicking on my link to buy the product.

But with all the Google changes and updates in the last several years, it was becoming more and more a challenge to rank high and stay there, especially with the kind of back linking methods you could use.

And WA was teaching none of that. So I was skeptical…


Is It Possible to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

How to Make Money with Wealthy AffiliateGetting to know several members who are successful within WA, over the weeks, and months that followed my subscription, I was forced to admit that, it is possible to make money through Wealthy Affiliate one way or another.

With some it was through following WA Bootcamp that is basically teaching you how to build a website that is targeting the “online money making” world. So there were literally making money promoting Wealthy Affiliate and other online making money training that are good like WA is.

Some of those people you probably have seen yourself online. Because they are up there, dominating the search results. Sites like and are two good examples of two WA members who are doing this full time.

For others, on the other hand, it is through the Certification Course teaching you to build a website around a niche of your choice.

Some are making more money than others, even doing it full time now like those two WA members I mentioned above. For others, they are making some money, but not quite enough just yet to quit their current jobs.

But of course, it is not everyone in WA who are making money. For some reasons, some seem to be working hard, but don’t seem to be able to really make it.


How Long Will It Take?

No one can really tell you how long it will take for you to make money following WA’s training… or if you will ever make some at all.

A part of it rely on the effort you put at following the training. Another part rely on the understanding you can have of the training and how you apply it.

But, for those who are making money, how long did it take them to get there? Even there it depends.

Wealthy Affiliate have that particular event they’re doing every year in January or February. They’re going to Vegas for a Super Affiliate conference. And those who are in, are the ones who have gained 300 new WA premium members between January and December of that same year.

This event in other words, is for WA members who have been following WA Bootcamp, start promoting WA among other things, and could go to Vegas after they had gained at least 300 referrals in total in a year.

And this year, you had WA members there that I’ve been there for several years. But they were also members who just started out the year before and managed to get their 300 referrals. So it shows that, it’s not only possible for any new members to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, but it can also be a fast process.

It is an individual thing. Not all members are progressing at the same pace. So it is hard to put numbers here.

But if you give yourself a full year, and you work hard at following the training and asking questions whenever you get stuck, you are increasing your chance to build something that will make you money eventually.

It can take a few months, a year, but you can eventually get there. You can read here how many could finally make it full time after 18 months.


How Can You Do It?

When it comes to how to do it, the steps are the same for everyone, regardless if you decide to go with the Certification Course or WA Bootcamp.

If you ask any successful WA members they would say that it’s through following WA teaching, being constant at it, believe in what you do and never give up.

You first need to give a direction to your business. And you do this by choosing a targeted audience for your website and start creating content for them, from the questions and issues they have on the chosen subject.

Of course, among that content, you want to have product reviews, because it’s through them that you’ll earn money.

And one thing you want with that content is that, it ranks in search engines like Google. That’s how people, interested to read the type of reviews and articles you have on your site, will be able to see them when they start searching for those search terms online.

So… that’s how successful WA members are doing it.

They have a mix of useful content and product reviews on their site that they optimize so they will rank in Google. And once they do rank, the money start coming in.


You Could Be Sitting in The Next Vegas Super Affiliate Conference!

So of course here, if you follow the Certification Course you can have a really successful website on a niche of your choice and even be able to have a full time income from it eventually. But you won’t be eligible to going to Vegas unless you make those 300 referrals to WA.

But if you decide on the other hand to build a website through the WA Bootcamp training and make those 300 referrals during the year, than you could be sitting in the next Las Vegas Super Affiliate at the beginning of next year.

I mention the Vegas conference just to show you what can be possible with Wealthy Affiliate.

Either way, you can make money through promoting WA if you followed Bootcamp or because of WA after following the Certification Course.

Not going to Vegas doesn’t mean that you won’t be a successful WA member. It would simply mean that you decided to give your online business another direction than promoting online money making products. And that’s totally fine.

You go with a niche that you feel comfortable going with. That is essential if you want to eventually have success with this.


To get started like they did, you can join for free here to see what’s in store for you in Wealthy Affiliate





  1. Going to Vegas would be a huge treat, but I feel that I will have a really hard time in the make money online niche, as I am not very good at finding out what people are looking for in the make money online world. A lot of people are probably using search terms outside of affiliate marketing and such, so I am not sure what angle to attack the mmo niche

    • Hi Jacob. I just mentioned Vegas to show what is possible with WA. But if someone is not comfortable with the online money making niche there are other niches someone can be successful with.

  2. Hallo there,

    I have seen that you don’t have a specific time frame that you would give someone to have made money online by.

    I have been told by many affiliate marketer friends I have that the average time is about 4 months with consistent effort, although they don’t use wealthy affiliate.

    I guess I will just have to believe, put in the effort and learn and put it into practice, as you say. Right?

    • I didn’t put a specific time frame because it is not the same for everyone. But 3 – 4 months like you say, with persistent work, is a good one to start seeing results.I personally made my first affiliate commission with in that time frame. It me 3 months.

  3. Hey really good article, i have been going at it for 3 months now and i have 2 websites. One for the boot camp and one for the certification course. I noticed it does get hard and its easy to get stuck but you have to keep going if you want to succeed! Keep up the good work and keep grinding

    • Thank you for your comment Justin. It’s true that some days get be harder to get through than others. It’s just like when you are following a workout plan every week. The best way you’re going to get results with it is to follow it even when you don’t feel like doing it.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate is a place to make money and change your life.
    And you’re right. There is no way of telling how much time it takes to make money. It just takes hard work and time.
    It’s been a year for me and still going.
    I started like anybody else. Choosing a niche, building a website, following the training and getting traffic.
    The only way is to work hard and never quit.
    If something is not working, then ask for help. There’s always an answer in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

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