How to Get Started with Etsy in 2018

Here, in this first post, I wanted to look at how to get started with Etsy in 2018. What do you need to have? What are the things you should know before you jump in?

They may say that it’s pretty easy to do. You create an account just like you would do with Facebook. And it’s true. But you need a minimum of two things while doing it:

  • A name for your shop
  • And at least one product to list

If you don’t have those two things first, it can become an issue to open a shop.


Focus on One Type of Product

Also… I have learned from an experienced Etsy shop owner that, you can open as many shops as you want. But it’s important to focus on one type of product per shop.

For instance, if you intend to sell soap bars that you make yourself, you don’t want to have along with it something that is not relevant like wooden signs.

In other words, you want to build a brand with your Etsy shop. And it starts with a line of products that goes well together like homemade soap bars of different colors and flavors, and a name that fit well with it.

That’s the first two things that my girlfriend and I had to agree on. We had to decide on one type of product to create and display. Next, we needed a name for our shop.

But for that, we had to have a good idea of the kind of stuff you can sell on Etsy – that goes well with what we can both do.

But in order to get started, we needed to create at least a few. That’s what we decide to do.


What Can You Sell on Etsy?

From what I can see so far, anything that can be made by you can be sold on Etsy, as long as it comply with their ethical policies. But beside that, any type of goods that you can create, with any kind of fabric you can used, can be found on Etsy.

Anything related to clothes, jewelry, accessories that can be added in a house as decorations or utilities, drawing, painting, name it. I haven’t seen all yet, that is sold on Etsy.

I heard that some are even selling art stuff in PDF forms. So instead of having to fabricate an item over and over to make sure the customers have their order, they are just creating that piece of work once. Then, they put it into PDF, and people can download it as many time as they want without emptying the stock.

But as far as my girlfriend and I were concerned, we wanted to focus on items that can be made with wood. And there’s all kind of stuff there: wall mounted coat rack, bathroom towel rack, wooden signs, boxes, crates, stools, children toys.

But in the case of children toys, you have to make sure that they are complying with the legal safety requirements of the country it is sold in so they are not dangerous for kids.

That’s not a road we wanted to take. We wanted to start with something quite simple to do and that doesn’t demand too much time. Personalized painted wooden signs.


Take Successful Shops As Model for Yours

It is suggested to take successful shops that has been around for a while and have many reviews and sales as model for our own.

It’s not to copy and pasting what they are doing here, but taking example on them on how to run a successful Etsy shop. That’s what I engaged myself to do.

The first thing I noticed with the shops that are doing a similar thing that we wanted to do is that, they are doing customized signs. They take orders from customers and make the signs with their personal preferences.

I can see how they talk to their potential customers, telling them what exactly they can order from them, what purpose and utility it can serve.

For instance they are saying things like:

You’re looking at a custom carved wooden sign with Fleur De Lis accents! This sign is available in two sizes – A standard 9.25″ x 23″ (as shown) or a larger 11.25″ x 28″.

Such a wonderful gift for an anniversary or a newly married couple. Every sign is handmade out of premium quality pine. We do not consider knots a flaw or defect in the sign. Knots and wood grain will vary from piece to piece, but adds to the beauty and originality of the sign.


Find Out What You’re Good At

It might be impressive when you start looking at the best sellers shops on Etsy in your category, wondering if you could ever do something that can get picked up compare to them. But you never know until you try.

So the first thing is to find out what exactly you are good at, and start working on that.

If you already have a thing that you are specialize in doing, and feel that you can take order from people and do them relatively, then you are up to go. Just create a few pieces that you can put on display and sell on Etsy. You just need to find a name for your shop first.

But if you are like us, not sure exactly what you would be able to do at customer’s demands, then the first thing is to find out what you would be good at.

It might take a few attempts, trying different things, before finding the right one. But once you do, you just have to create a few pieces of that to put in display and you would be ready to go.



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