Decide on A Specific Market to Go With

Deciding on a specific market (or niche) to go with is the first step when you are starting with affiliate marketing. Some will say, go with a passion, a hobby, skills or talents you may have. Others will say, go with a problem you can solve that people are looking a solution for – or a specific result they want.

Both approach are good and will lead to different products and services you can eventually recommend. They will also lead to different kind of search terms – known as keywords – that people are typing in search engines like Google, looking for answers, solutions, and even specific products in a chosen market.

These search terms (keywords) will become the whole structure or your site as you expand on what that specific audience in that market have as questions, issues, needs, and wants.

The important thing is that you decide with which specific market you want to go with, and stick with it!

Below, I have a list of articles that can help you with all the different aspects of that question…