Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? The Answer Is Yes!

If I hadn’t made affiliate commissions several months after I started with my first affiliate website back in 2011, I would probably have given it all up.

So I knew right there that you can make money with this.

But a lot of changes occurred meanwhile, and many, who used to do good money back then, suddenly ceased to do so almost overnight.

I was not an exception to this. I went from doing $2,000 in a month, to $0 overnight. I was devastated.

It took me years, trying to readjust and get myself back up, to make the money I was starting to make then, but I failed.

Fruitless years went by for me after that.

It’s only when I accidentally discovered a platform called Wealthy Affiliate through someone’s review, and saw many there doing it full time, that it gave me hope again.

I decided to join them and start studying how they were doing it. So if you ask me today, can you make money with affiliate marketing?

The answer is definitely a yes. Many are there to prove it.


Why So Many Are Failing To Do So?

If it is demonstrated that you can still make money doing affiliate marketing in 2018, then, why are there so many who fail to do so?

What are they not doing correctly and should start to be doing instead?

One of the reasons many are failing online with affiliate marketing is that, they are relying on old methods that used to work several years ago, but ceased to after the few updates Google did with their algorythms – or if you prefer, with the way they rank websites.

One of the things that was taught back in the days was, link building methods.

This was a method to get backlink to your site so it rank high in search engines and hopefully in first page.

But those links were mostly bought, manufactured, and were mostly from poor sources.

When the people in Google took note of that, they changed the way they look at those links, and as a results, all the sites that were relying on such links and were ranking in first page of Google, lost their ranking overnight.

And losing ranking meant, no more money coming in for those webmasters.

I’m surprised today, to hear people who still want to build link that way. Some give as a reply, “How can Google know about it?

But Google will know if they start noticing a sudden over-activity in that area. Especially if they start to see a ton of links coming to relatively new content. It will certainly raise a red flag.

So why take the risk?


The Mistake Of Focusing On Money Too Much

The other reason I think many people are failing or give up too soon, is because they are focusing too much on making money fast!

And I think we all did it.

One thing that I’ve learned from a very well-known and successful internet marketer, Eben Pagan, is that, money comes as an exchange of value.

In other words, if you want to make money, create value for others.

Don’t just create something poorly done, hoping that it will rank, with a few affiliate links on it, so that people can click and bring commissions in.

You would be surprised at how much this was a current practice several years ago.

People now tend more toward quality. They have no choice if they want to stay in the game. Because it’s one of Google new rules.

Google, like other search engines namely, Bing and Yahoo, are after quality.

Their role and goal is to rank the most helpful and relevant results for the people who are searching for them.

So, if your goal is to create relevant and helpful content for your visitors, then you’ll be in the game and make money.

When we focus too much on making money, we can have a tendency to neglect what is the most important thing: Giving value to our visitors and potential customers.

It compels us to take shortcuts so we can get there faster that is harming more our business in long term that it can help it.


The Shiny Object Syndrome Pitfall

That last urge of making money fast, and the realization that we don’t seem to be on our way to make some, often lead to what they call the “shiny object syndrome”.

The shiny object syndrome is when you get distracted by what seems to be the next big thing instead of staying focus on what you’re doing until you get results from it.

When you are involved in internet marketing you get a lot of that through emails you receive, or Facebook ads that appear on your news feed.

The best way to avoid that is to ignore them totally, and to unsubsribe to as many newsletters that you can.

The only thing it will do in long term, is to make you jump from one opportunity to another, and never really build yourself something that can become a good source of income for you and your family.

Must of those offers, end up costing a lot of money and are as much time consuming as what you were doing before you got distracted by it.

So are they really worth it? I personally think not.


It Starts By Having The Right Instruction

Making money online starts by having the right instruction.

Because obviously, if you don’t have the right instruction right from the start, it would be hard to know what to do to build your business.

And if the instruction you get are from outdated sources or from people who are not really sure of what they are doing themselves then, you’re not better off.

So where can you get the right instruction?

If you start by that simple Affiliate Marketing Beginner’s Guide I have put together, it would give you a good idea what the process is and what are the steps you should follow.

Of course here, I am limited of the kind of training and coaching I can provide through this site.

You will need some tools and the kind of support I cannot provide here.

But I’ll do my best to bring you as far as I can with this.

I personally get all the training, tools and support I need from Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m doing everything from there, writing my content, building my website, as well as doing keyword research. Whenever I get stuck with something, I turn toward more experienced members for answers.


Let Patience And Persistence Do Their Work

So, finally, if your goal is not to trick the system, but have the right instruction on how to do this, focusing on creating value for your visitor instead of just expecting money from them, you should be on your way to create for yourself a good substantial online income.

The only thing you’ll need after that is patience. Because this will not be an overnight success.

You’ll need patience and persistence.

This mean that you’ll need to work at it every day no matter what, regardless of the doubt you can have, and the poor results you seem to get at first.

Just think of some of those popular YouTubers and how they got started.

They started with just one video, an they keep on adding more as the days, weeks, and months went by.

Because they did that, and never gave up, their subscribers list and their views continued to grow.

If they had stopped in the weeks or just few months they had started, they would never had seen the kind of succes they could get with it.

It’s the same thing with affiliate marketing.

If you focus on create value for your aufience, keep at it, each day, week and months, never giving up, you will build yourself something that will be recognized as an authority online by others.

If I look at those who are making it full time now, it took them in average around 18 months to get there.

But they worked at it every day and never gave up. Just like those YouTubers. And it eventually paid off.



9 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? The Answer Is Yes!

  1. Yeah, you can definitely make money with affiliate marketing, however many people tends to forget or ignore the fact that it will take a lot of time and efforts to achieve financial freedom. In my opinion many people just quit too fast, the reality is that the start is usually without any positive results, pure hard work and nothing in return, that’s why so many people quit so fast and later say that affiliate marketing is a scam …

    1. I totally agree with you. In the beginning, we are so eager to make money fast, that we don’t focus on the important elements that will bring us money: Quality, time, effort, patience and persistence.

  2. Hey. Affiliate marketing is like any other business and if we put in a lot of effort, our work will pay off in the future. I know something about it because I have been I am in this business for a year. I do not earn millions, but it is enough for a decent life. Online business can change life just need to want. I have one question, namely, I would like to check myself in a new niche and do you think that creating a second website can be a good idea?

  3. Hey, I really enjoyed reading your post on affiliate marketing. I do affiliate marketing myself and I absolutely agree with you that one of the hardest things is to stay focused and don’t get distracted by other stuff that seems to be better. Another big thing is to stay consistent I think and don’t get discouraged. Because most people give up at 98% before they succeed.

  4. Hey Guy!
    Excellent and good description of the affiliate. I even have some websites. Some of which give a low return almost every month.
    Not the world, but I’m a bit too lazy, and I’m doing it for good.
    My experience is that I need to keep working hard on those pages. It’s fun for me that
    I can earn something that I’ve built from scratch.
    Do I have to admit I’m a bit curious about how you could go from 2000 a month to zero?

    1. I went from $2,000 to $0 overnight with a small website I had built a couple of years ago. The reason was that, my income was depending on one main keyword with which I was on Google first page with, and I suddenly lost that ranking and didn’t what to do to put it back up.

  5. Hey,

    I have been trying this out for a while now and if there is one thing I can solidly confirm, is that it is not an easy thing but it can be done it requires patience as in my case it has been slowly picking up and I am seeing some fruits now.

    1. It’s almost like a farmer waiting for his crops to grow. It’s not a get rich quick business model. But it is one that can grow over time. But it can take time, lots of work and patience to get to that point. But I think it’s all worth it.

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