Can You Make Money as a Freelancer Writer?

I’m not making money as a freelance writer, but I know a few people who does. Is it enough to be able to quit your job?

From what I have seen, it can be good money, but the ones I know who are making money with it, also do something else to bring in more income.

While they are writing articles for other people’s blog, they also have their own. And that blog is also becoming a source of income for them.


Requirements for Being a Freelance Writer

What’s the first requirement for being a freelance writer?

Well my guess is, you need to be able to write. If you cannot write articles for your own blog, how will you be able to write for others.

That’s the reason why I never risked myself in that direction.

Some would say that it might be a good thing to have a bachelor degree in English and journalism. While others, like Carol Tice from Make A Living Writing would say that you can do pretty well even without degrees.

Carol says that, too many are hung up on qualifications when what really matter is the mindset you’re in.

Another one is curiosity, asking questions. Asking questions and sharing the answers you get with others through your writing.

And still, courage is also important. You can write good stuff sitting in from of your laptop at home. ut if you don’t have the courage to publish it, you never know if you could be a good freelance writer or not.


How Much Can A Freelance Writer Make?

The freelancing business is trending if we believe the statistic. You can find thousands of them on sites like Upwork, Scriptd and Fiverr. But can a freelance writer make a living out of his writing?

From what I saw, $20 to $30 per hour is what a certain number of writers are getting paid.

People like Linda Formichelli for instance, can even earn up to $250 per hour. So if you ask her is it worth it to be a freelance writer? She would probably say, definitely. But is it given to everyone.

Linda said in an article on Copyblogger that, she is not special. Her writing skills are good, but not as good as Donna Tartt.

She doesn’t actually charge $250 per hour to a customer. She would charge instead for a project. Her secret is that, she’s a fast writer. A job that would take normally 4 hours to the majority of writers, it would take her an hour and a half to do.


How to Become a Freelance Writer

Obviously, not being a freelance writer myself, I cannot tell you how to become one. But I have read the words of those who are feelance writers and what they suggest people who want to become one too.

The first thing is to develop a writing process, just like you would develop a working method for any regular job you would in the real world.

You need to have a system in place.

Some, when looking at the topic the client want an article about, will come up with any out line that can come to mind and note them down.

Next, they will start doing research to find examples and statistics to support what they will write about.

Others we’ll approach this this instead as an interview or discussion they have with someone else. They try to imagine how the conversation would go.

You need to learn how to captivate your audience.

And you do this through your headline first, then the first sentences in your introduction…. followed by the different sub headings that are there to give an idea of what the text is about and compel the reader to read more about it.


You Have to Start Somewhere

Don’t fear the fear of rejection. You will get rejected. Some will turn you down. But never let that stop you.

You have to start somewhere, even if you don’t feel that you are not qualified. Remember the first real job you ever did. Were you scared? Didn’t you feel uncertain to be able to actually do the job? What happened? Were you finally able to do it?

That’s how, those who are freelance writers now, encourage you to start. That’s how most of them started too.

Here’s an article that might help you if freelance writing is something you would like to try: The Complete Guide to Getting Started Freelance Writing From Scratch

So… Can you make money as a freelance writer?

If it was not possible there would not be so many doing it today. If it’s something that interest you, I suggest you follow in the steps of those who are doing it and are successful with it.

You may not earn a living right away from it, but it sure can bring some extra cash in your home. But if you do like me and never try it, you will never know!




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