5 Main Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing As An Affiliate

Benefits of Affiliate MarketingI have tried a few things in the beginning in the hope to make money online. But my heart always brought me back to affiliate marketing. And the reasons for it has to do with the benefits you have with it, compared to other ways to make money online.

Here, I’m going to list what I think are the main benefits of affiliate marketing… as an affiliate. Because affiliates, are not the only people to make money through affiliate marketing. The merchants, who are partnering with affiliates, also have their benefits.

But here, we’re just going to concentrate on the ones of an affiliate. I came up with 5 main ones:


1. It Doesn’t Require A Big Investment to Start

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require much investment when you are just starting. All it can cost is the price of a domain name and web hosting… and of course, an internet connection

A domain is around $14 per year, and hosting is something around $9 a month. The internet is a little more depending on where you live and the company you choose.

So in term of money, there is not much risk involved unless you are trying to do affiliate marketing through paid ads or start to jump on every opportunities that seem promising, that are popping up like mushrooms everywhere.

The biggest investment with affiliate marketing is your time. It can take a few months of work – assuming you know a little what you’re doing – to start seeing things moving.

In other words, if you decide to go with affiliate marketing you can be working for several days, weeks, and months, before you can see your first affiliate commission coming in. But once it starts rolling, and you keep on doing what you’ve been doing to get there, that small stream of income will eventually become bigger and bigger.


2. You Don’t have to Worry About Customer Service

Some say that you don’t need a warehouse. Because if you are doing something like buying wholesale and selling on places like eBay, then you need a place to store your goods. But this also imply that, with affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about customer service.

Do anything else online, starting from dropshipping, freelance writing, or any other freelance job you can do, you will have to deal with a customer somehow. And they will not always be happy with your service.

With affiliate marketing on the other hand, all you do is sending people to a merchant or a product listing in an online store. And it’s up to that merchant or online store to make sure that the customer get their items or service for which they ask. That’s why I love that particular way of making money online above the others.


3. You Can Still Keep Your current Job And Increase Your Online One

Another main benefit I saw in doing affiliate marketing was that, I could do something that can pay me, and still keep my current job. In fact, it doesn’t feel like having two jobs like many people have. I can still stay at home, and build myself a business and at the same time keep my regular job until my online business really kicks in.

And beside, when you start making money with this, it happens at anytime of the day or the night. That’s why they say that you can make money while you sleep or while you are at the movie theater with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

That’s why they call this passive income. You make money even when you are not actively involved. But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t work for it.


The difference between a regular job and the kind of revenue that you make through affiliate marketing is that:

  • With a regular job, you get paid after you have accomplished your work
  • With affiliate marketing on the other hand, you need to build something of value first, that will remain, and will start making money when people will start coming into it, see the value, and buy through some of your recommendations


4. You Can Do It Wherever You have A Laptop And An Internet connection

Another important benefit of affiliate marketing is that you are not tight to one place. Unlike a regular job where you have to be at a certain place for a certain time, and stay there for hours, with affiliate marketing, you can make your own schedule and do it whether at home, or anywhere where you bring your laptop with you and where there is an internet connection.

You can be in vacation and still have an eye on it and earning money while enjoying your vacation. Although it’s good to take a few breaks now and then, because it can also become very addictive. But you have the idea. With affiliate marketing you are not restricted to an area and particular schedule.


5. You Can Eventually Do It Full-Time And Retire Earlier

One of the biggest benefit, what everyone is looking for actually, it’s to earn enough money with it to eventually quit their job and do this full time instead.

But this doesn’t happen overnight. We should give ourselves at least one or two years to get there – assuming that we start on the right foot and keep growing our business without getting distracted by anything else around.

I’m still not there personally, at the moment I am writing this article. I have made money with affiliate marketing. If not, I would not be here telling you of its benefits. But my start was very slow because I couldn’t decide on a niche and stick with it long enough and no matter what happens. I let myself be distracted by all those “shiny objects” out there.

I have wasted a lot of time… but it still was all worth it in a sense. Because it enabled me to learn everything I now know about this kind of business and how to approach it.

I threw away all those other weak projects I had in the bin to concentrate on just one. This site you’re on: Your Affiliate Success.

It is only like two months old right now. I began to write content in it in December 2017. We are in February 2018. I give myself one year with this, writing around three new articles each week.

I’ll give you update at the end of this year to tell you how things are going for me.


In Conclusion

So, in conclusion, to resume everything I have said here, I prefered affiliate marketing over any other ways of making money online because of its benefits. And for me there are at least five:

  1. It doesn’t require a big investment to start so the risk is minimal… but it does require a lot of your time.
  2. You don’t have to worry about customer service or to have  a storage room for goods that you want to sell
  3. You can keep your current job and do this in the comfort of your home in your spare time
  4. It can be done anywhere where there is an internet connection and where you brought your laptop with you
  5. And of course, the ultimate benefit is to start making enough money with it to be able to quit your job




  1. Hi Guy,I liked your review of affiliate marketing especially the 5 points laid out.To me it all makes perfect sense as a beginner in this industry and it would also make sense to someone who has never had a go at it at all.Clear,logical and well laid out.Great work Guy and thanks heaps for the information. 🙂

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