Affiliate Marketing for Christians – The Ethical Way to Do It

Affiliate marketing in itself is neither good or bad. It’s only a business model. It’s the way we do business with it that makes the difference and makes it ethical or not. And that, regardless if you’re Christian or not.

But here we will describe what are the different steps for doing affiliate marketing as a Christian since this is the purpose of this site. And at the end I will show you how to apply all these steps.

But before we proceed, let’s get rid of an important question. The question of money!


Should You Feel Bad?

If you were a newspaper deliver who has to go get himself paid by his customers at the end of the week would you feel bad about it? For what reason would you be?

Those people are paying for something they wanted. They pay for a service that you are giving them, So, not only do they have to pay for the newsparer you deliver, but they also have to pay for the service you give them. If not, they would simply cancel it and go get that newspaper themselves at the store.

Why would it be any different when it comes to affiliate marketing?

Just like when you collect money for delivering newspapers, it’s not the customers who are directly paying your commissons, but the company you deliver those newspaper for.

It’s the same thing with affiliate marketing. Each time someone is buying a product through any of your links, they are paying for that product, not your commission. It’s the merchant and owner of that product that will give you the percentage he was suppose to give you.

So don’t feel bad if you’re a Christian, and wish to make money that way online. It’s totally legitimate. Big stores like Walmart, Best Buy or Target all have an affiliate program. Which means that, anyone who get accepted by them as affiliates, can make a commission on every products they sell online.

Now, you even have Christian online stores that have affiliate programs too. Sites like LifeWay, DaySpring or Keruso are good examples of that. So if you intend to build a Christian business recommending and selling products to Christians, you have different Christian affiliate programs like these ones where you can apply to.

So, what are the steps you should follow?


Steps to Follow to Do Affiliate Marketing As A Christian

Doing affiliate marketing as a Christian, is not really that different than doing it as a non-Christian. You can either do it by looking for information online on how to do it. Or you can do it through an affiliate platform such as Wealthy Affiliate where you have the tools and the training to put you on the right track.

But one way or the other, the steps and the process are essentially the same. What they usually recommend is:

  1. Find a niche
  2. Build a website
  3. Do what it takes to rank in Google
  4. Write good content
  5. Recommend the best products

But what does it all mean as a Christian? What is a niche for instance? What kind of products should you recommend?


1. Finding A Niche

A niche – to use the definition of the web – is like a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service .

It is related to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

So, when you are choosing a niche, what you are really choosing is a very specific branch of a market and the group of people that are interested in it.

If you want to target Christians for instance, you need to know what who those Christians are and what they want:

  • – Are they men?
  • – Women?
  • – Mothers?
  • – Single persons?
  • – Are they looking for knowledge about a specific topic?
  • – Is it a problem they are looking solutions for?
  • – Are they looking to get a specific results?
  • – Buy a certain type of product, items, clothes, etc…?

In other words, you don’t want to target all Christians, but only a very specific group among them that are looking for a very specific thing.

You can also almost compared a niche as a particular ministry.

I think here about Paul, who was sent to preach the gospel to the Gentiles, and Peter who was more sent to go preach to the Jews. They both had a specific group of people to talk to. And probably a different approach also depending on that group.

Having a niche, a ministry, or specific group of people in mind… is the first and MOST important step in the process. The rest will flow from there.


2. Building A Website

Once you have a niche, the next thing most will recommend is to build a website. You can learn to do it by checking several YouTube videos. Or you can learn through an affiliate platform like I mentioned earlier.

At the same time you learn how to build a website, you should also learn what to do to make it rank on Google first page. Why? Because it’s the first source of traffic you will get for your site.

There are also other sources like social media to get traffic. But being on the first page of the web is the first and primary one. And there a few ways to do it.


3. Doing What It Takes to Rank in Google


4. Writing Good Content

A website without content would be like a suit with no one to wear it. The main reasons why search engines like Google exists is for content. And their goal is to give the best relevant ones whenever someone is searching for something online.

So your goal with your content should be to give people what they are searching for and you would be doing what you should do. And you don’t have to be a good writer to do so. All it takes it’s the ability to express yourself like when you do with your friends.

If you know the subject you are talking about, and your desire is to help the person who is reading you, that’s all what it takes.

Just like a clerk who is answering you when you go to a store like Kent. He is suppose to know almost everything that concerns his department.

Your niche is like your department.


5. Recommending the Best Products


  1. Interesting take. I don’t believe there is anything unethical about affiliate marketing so there is nothing to feel ashamed of. I’ve been doing it for years and see it as a job. It’s all about providing answers and solutions to peoples questions and desires. If someone searches for a product review, I give them an opinion. They can purchase or not purchase. It’s totally legit and ethical.

  2. Interesting understand. I dont understand there is all unprincipled approximately affiliate guidance suitably there is nothing to character embarrassed of. Ive been accomplishment out it for years and space it as a job. Its all nearly providing answers and solutions to peoples questions and desires. If someone searches for a product review, I have enough money them an auspices. They can obtain or not vibrancy. Its enormously legit and ethical.

  3. This is an interesting read. Before this I had not really thought about whether affiliate marketing is is good or not for Christians. \But I believe its a good business because once you get your niche then you will be able to build content around and steadily grow your business. I have been doing this for one year now and I am happy with affiliate marketing.

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